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Climate Resilient Plants For Texas and Beyond

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Leading the Change: Twinwood Farms’ Climate-Resilient Solutions

Texas has endured a decade of severe weather extremes, from scorching summers to harsh winter freezes, devastating landscapes statewide. Coupled with the Urban Heat Island Effect, these challenges demand a new approach in the green industry.

At Twinwood Farms, we have been working closely with industry experts and stakeholders to introduce climate-ready tree selections for the state of Texas and beyond.

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Why Choose Twinwood Farms?

Precision in Every Order

You can be confident your order will be accurate and tailored to your specifications.

Consistent & Reliable Quality

We offer unmatched value and peace of mind for your landscaping projects.

Dedicated Support

Experience partnership, not just service. We’re committed to your project’s success.

Your Consistent Source for High-Quality Sod & Climate-Ready Plants

With decades of experience in the landscaping industry, we know what a hassle it can be to find what you’re looking for. As a result, we assembled a team of experts to care for and grow a 5,000-acre nursery that would consistently produce drought-tolerant, heat-resistant, and freeze-hardy plants. Partner with us and you will have the power to craft sustainable, captivating projects across Texas and beyond.

  • Led by a team of landscaping and horticulture professionals
  • Industry-leading horticultural genetic research
  • Houston’s Premier St. Augustine Sod Grass Grower
  • Houston’s Premier St. Augustine Sod Grass Grower
  • Wholesale pricing
  • One-stop for both sod and trees
  • Credit available for qualifying applicants
  • Caring customer service with a partnership mentality

It’s Easy to Get What You Need for Your Landscaping Projects:

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Rest easy knowing you have a reliable source for your landscape project needs.

Wholesale Tree Farm Committed To Biodiversity & Sustainability

Twinwood Farms understands the importance of ensuring the success of your landscape projects. We recognize the frustration of sourcing reliable suppliers offering consistent quality and reasonable prices, especially amidst the challenges of unpredictable weather patterns.

With decades of experience in the landscaping industry, we’ve assembled a team of experts dedicated to cultivating climate-resistant plants that thrive in Texas’ ever-changing climate. Our meticulously grown sod pallets and specimen trees not only provide the best value for your budget but also guarantee the success of your projects.

Trust Twinwood Farms to deliver high-quality, resilient plants!

Order and buy large trees and sod – Explore our tree and shrub nursery. From grass squares to specimen trees, we offer quality delivery and bulk pricing on all our plants. Twinwood Farms, the best place to buy Texas-grown ready-to-plant sod grass & trees