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How to Store Sod

Sod is a great way to upgrade your yard and brings instant gratification to your gardening efforts: within a day or two, you can have a beautiful lawn to look at.

The first and foremost principle of sod is to plan ahead and organize your sod delivery with precision. Sod is very fragile, particularly in high summer temperatures. A pile of sod pallets quickly decomposes in the summer heat and turns into compost.

Ideally, you will have your sod delivered on the day you are laying it. We suggest you order directly from a sod farm like Twinwood Farms so that you know when your sod has been harvested. A sod grower can harvest the sod on the morning of the delivery. This means your sod will be freshly cut and vibrant. It won’t have to lie around for hours in the sun, dwindling and drying out.

However, no matter how well you have organized your sod delivery, things sometimes take an unexpected turn and you realize your sod will have to be stored for a few hours or even days before laying it.

Thankfully, you still can salvage your sod if you follow the simple tips below.

Should I Place My Sod Pallets in the Shade?

The answer to that question is a definitive ‘yes.’ While your sod awaits you to put it into place, you must place it away from direct sunlight.

If you have a nice, shady place in your yard or garden, place your sod pallets there. Do not cover the pile with plastic or any other material, as the heat will quickly build up under there.

The best thing to do is to find a shady, well-aerated area to store your sod until you install it.

Should I Water My Sod Pallets?

No matter the urge to water your sod pallets, it is best if you don’t water your pallets while they are stacked on top of each other.

Sod generally leaks nitrogen, which heats up. When the sod pallets are stacked, heat starts building up at the center of the pile. If you add the nitrogen effect to the extra humidity, you have the perfect conditions for your sod to turn into a pile of smelly compost. In a sense, you will have created a sauna inside your sod pile.

Should I Unstack My Sod Pallets?

The best way to lower the temperature inside your sod pallets is to unstack them.

Once you have unstacked them, you can gently water the sod to keep it moisturized. If you don’t have enough space to spread out all your sod pallets, you can re-stack them in smaller piles. The more spread out, the more the heat will be able to escape the pile: that way, the sod can remain fresh and intact.

How Can I Store My Sod Pallets?

If your sod has to stand for a few hours, you could spread the pallets around your yard, always keeping them in the shade. Perhaps you can place your pallets in such a way that each pallet is close to the area where it will be installed.  Once you start laying your sod, you will have your pallets nearby, which makes it easier and quicker to install.

Should I Be Worried About Storing Sod Pallets?

You will be amazed by how long it takes to install sod. A professional could take up to two hours to install a single pallet of sod. Remember that a pallet of sod contains 450 sq. feet of sod.

You need to unpack the pallet, move each sod piece, place it carefully, cut around landscape features, and make sure the sod doesn’t overlap and doesn’t leave gaps. You also need to check to see that the watering system works properly so that your sod gets watered immediately after installation.

If you have large quantities of sod to install and not enough manpower, your sod pallets could be sitting and overheating. Even a few hours of sunshine and heat can damage your sod pallets.

Which Season Is Best to Install Sod?

Most people choose spring, summer, or fall to install their sod. However, this depends on the sod type. Some sod types are more heat-resistant than others. Other sod species prefer cooler temperatures.

Sod that is planted in summer can be stored for a few hours and up to a day, as long as you follow the advice above. When the temperatures are cooler, your sod can survive for a couple of days.

Purchase Your Sod from a Professional Sod Grower

Here at Twinwood Farms, we grow several types of sod. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can help you choose the sod that best fits your yard. Our Tifway 419 Bermuda and Raleigh St. Augustine grasses are popular year round.

When you order from us, you can be assured that your sod has been freshly harvested right before delivery. You are also guaranteed the best quality sod that has been fertilized and watered for optimal results.

Whatever your need, we will be happy to provide you with sod pallets that match your needs. Our farm can provide sod, trees, and bushes for any wholesale project. Contact Twinwood Farms online or call us at 346-707-6024 for help and advice, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your landscaping vision.