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Why Getting Sod from a Farm Is Better Than a Store

Which one is fresher: bread from the baker or bread bought at the store? A baker typically offers fresher products—plus a wider selection of bread choices.

Now, let’s ask the same question about sod. Where would you get fresher sod: at the sod farm or a third-party retailer?

The answer is the same. A sod farm has dedicated machines and personnel to grow the sod and harvest it on the day of delivery. The sod pallets are fresher, healthier, and more vibrant.

Since you are making an important investment in your commercial or personal project, you should opt for a sod farm for your sod, thus ensuring optimal quality, great prices, and a great lawn to enjoy.

Sod Farms Have Fresher Sod

A third-party retailer places orders and stocks sod pallets or rolls. They then ship them to their final destination. That means the sod is not fresh.

For sod to be successfully laid, it must be fresh and moist. Once the sod has been cut, it quickly starts losing its humidity and strength and should be laid within 12 hours. When sod pallets are left in the sun, the sod itself produces nitrogen, which starts decomposing the grass blades. Once this process starts, your sod disintegrates pretty rapidly and starts rotting.

Sod farms harvest sod on the same day when delivery is planned. Thus, the sod is fresh and reaches the yard, garden, or commercial development in a healthy and lively state. Healthy sod takes root much quicker and establishes itself faster. That means you will be able to walk on your sod and enjoy a lush green carpet within days of installation. Plus, you will have the certainty that your sod is healthy and robust.

Fresher Sod Means You Have a Little More Time to Lay the Sod

While sod can’t stay on a pallet for days, you have a few more hours to lay it on the ground when you know it has arrived as fresh as it gets.

Sod can stay for 12 hours before it starts suffering and rotting. When it’s been cut fresh, the extra hours you get before this starts to happen mean that your crew can take their time to install the rod properly. Instead of rushing to finish the job, they can take extra care around corners and edges and lay it as smoothly as possible.

Sod from a farm means the installation can be more organized, less rushed, and more precise. In short, it means a better lawn.

Sod Farmers Will Give You Advice

While a retail shop sells sod, the staff typically has little experience in sod growing and sod maintenance.

An experienced sod farm has been growing sod with professional care for years. They can give you precious tips and advise you on which sod type to choose, how to take care of your newly laid sod, and what type of fertilizer you need.

A good sod farm will also guide you on how much to water your new sod and how frequently and when you should mow your new lawn.

The more information you get, the sooner your project development will see the benefits. Your sod will look fresh and healthy and your investment will increase in value.

Sod Farmers Give You Better Prices

Since sod farmers grow the sod themselves, they can offer better prices, particularly on large orders. Third-party retailers need to make a profit on the sod they sell. They buy it from sod farmers and then resell it to project developers and landscapers. Inevitably, their price may be higher than if you bought the sod directly from a farm.

Even small price differences can have a significant impact when large quantities of sod are concerned. You could thus save a lot of money by ordering your sod from a reputable sod farm like Twinwood Farms.

Twinwood Farms Are Your Chosen Sod Farmers

Call us at 346-707-6024, contact us online, or visit us at 9426 Farm to Market 1489, Simonton, TX, 77476 to buy your sod directly from Twinwood Farms and have it delivered on the same day it has been harvested. You will get premium quality sod from specialists, thus ensuring that your new lawn will be healthy and will immediately elevate your landscape project.