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Buying sod is the most effective solution for your landscaping project. You will have a beautiful lawn instantly, unlike planting grass seeds, which take time to germinate and produce a lush lawn.

Fall is the best time to install sod because temperatures are milder and you get more moisture from rainfall. Your sod will have time to adjust to the soil and overall conditions before winter, so now is the time to lay it.

If you are looking for quality sod installation for your yard or commercial landscaping project, you should hire a sod installation company.

A good sod installation company will prepare the soil, make the right calculations for the number of sod rolls or pallets you will need, and install the sod for optimal results. They will also give you the right advice on how to take care of your lawn post-installation.

What Will a Sod Installation Company Do?

You should choose your sod installation company carefully. Check their process and make sure they don’t skip any steps.

They Assess the Soil

The very first step is to assess the soil and the overall state of the yard or project. The sod installation company should check the soil quality and its drainage. They also check if there is already a lawn installed: in this case, they will have to pull it out.

They Help You Choose the Right Sod

Overall, there are some 12,000 varieties of grass. Dozens of them are available as sod. Some are drought-resistant, others are great for heavy foot traffic, and some can withstand shady conditions.

You want your investment to last and you certainly don’t want to see your lawn perish or turn yellow because it just can’t grow in your local conditions.

A good sod installation company will tell you which grass varieties will thrive on your land.

They Measure How Much Sod You Need

Professionals know how to measure a project and order the right quantity of sod pallets. For example, they will take into consideration corners and edges, which often require more sod. The rule of thumb is to order 10% more sod than the surface of the project.

Sod installation companies have taken measurements for hundreds of projects and yards. This will ensure you are not ordering too few sod pallets, thus leaving a patch of soil uncovered. Likewise, you won’t have an excess of sod rolls or pallets lying around and slowly decaying under the heat.

They Remove the Existing Lawn

If you already have a lawn, your sod installation company must remove it. Make sure they include hauling and disposing of the debris in their offer, or you may well be left with torn lawn patches and soil all over your yard.

They Prepare the Soil for the New Sod

Once the terrain is clear, your sod installation company will prepare the soil for the new sod. If the soil requires chemical amendments, this is the right time to do it. You also want the soil to be even so that when the sod rolls or pallets are installed they attach firmly to the ground without bumps.

They Install the New Sod

The big moment has come and your sod installation company is ready to install the new sod. The sod installers have the right equipment to cut the sod edges so they wrap nicely around edges, trees, and other landscaping details.

They also know how to lay sod and how important speed is.

Laying sod is hard work because you are constantly bending and lifting heavy sod pallets across the yard, as you want your sod installed as fast as possible. Sod can’t stay long on a pallet because heat and humidity decompose the sod pallets. The heat that builds inside the sod produces nitrogen, which burns the grass blades. So, you can’t lay half of the sod one day and the rest the next day because your sod may not survive overnight stacked in piles.

The great thing about a sod installation company is that they are well-trained experts who will deliver a yard or a commercial project beautifully landscaped with a lawn. They have done this job many times and have the know-how and the people to finish the job in one day.

They Advise on the Right Watering Schedule

Depending on the time of year, sod variety, and other variables, a good sod installation company will tell you how much water your lawn requires and how often you should water it.

You want your newly laid sod to be constantly moist but not muddy. This will ensure that the tiny roots will attach to the existing soil and grow a dense rooting system that starts feeding the grass as soon as possible. That is how your lawn will grow and look lush.

Trust Twinwood Farms for Your Sod

We have a wide choice of sod for your project. Call us at 346-707-6024, contact us online, or visit us at 9426 Farm to Market 1489, Simonton, TX, 77476 to discuss your sod needs. We will deliver your sod pallets harvested on the day of the delivery.